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UV light source (ref.: PRT012)

NatX-ray's MiVU UV source provides an exceptionally powerful UV light that adapts to your current binocular microscope to make sure that you:
  • detect the tiniest crystals,
  • distinguish between salt and crystals,
This UV light source can be provided with the the Binocular microscopes, or sold separatly to be installed on your microscope.

The UV light source

NatX-ray commercializes a UV lighting designed to be used on standard binocular microscopes. This setup includes a bright Hg-Xe source, filters optimized for excitation of the aromatic residues fluorescence, a UV compatible optic fiber and a fiber holder.
With this UV light, finding small protein crystals, or discriminating protein crystals to salt crystals are made much easier.

Together, the MiVU delivered with the Binocular microscope

When MiVU is provided together with this microscope, visible light as well as UV light can be used for crystal screening.
Unique feature: The Binocular microscope equipped with the MiVU includes a retractable shielding to prevent users exposure to UV, while allowing manual crystal harvesting.

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