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  Product reference: PRT002

The Harvesting Station (ref.: PRT011)

The Harvesting Station is derived from the Visualization BenchTM and integrates the RodBot technology pioneered at the ETH Zürich. This automated system is made for:
  • Plate Screening
  • Crystal Harvesting
  • Crystal Listing

The Visualization Bench:
  • Automated Crystal Screening

  • Up to 1 drop per sec.

  • Crystal Listing capability for:
    • Automated in situ experiment

    • Crystal growth monitoring

  • Automated tape opening and closing

The RodBot technology

Non-contact automated Crystal Harvesting: crystals are trapped by a micro-vortex created bu magnetic rods (the RodBot technology is supplied by MagnebotiX).


The Harvesting Station is commercialized as a benchtop system and as an additional function integrated in the G-Rob system by

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H. W. Tung, D. F. Sargent, B. J. Nelson, "Protein Crystal Harvesting Using the RodBot: a Wireless Mobile Microrobot", J. Applied Crystallography 47 (2014), 692-700.

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