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  Product reference: PRT002

MiSC (ref.: PRT009)

NatX-ray commercializes MiSC, a Micro-Spectrophotometer for Crystals, derived from the Cryobench developped by IBS and ESRF [1], provides capabilities for
  • UV/Visible absorption, measured on the 200-1100 nm range
  • Fluorescence measurements at 90░ on micro-amout of macromolecules

Samples can be:
  • Crystals (as small as 10Ám), frozen or in capillaries
  • Nanoliters solutions

  • Absorption source: 210-1700 nm UV-NIR deuterium/tungsten halogen source
  • Fluorescence source: single 455 nm LED source or 473 nm SS laser (other wavelenghts are available)
  • Spectrometer with extended range 200-1025nm
  • Source/measurement optics: 4X Reflective objectives
  • Sample holder: 2-axis goniometer head (crystals), cuvette holder (solutions)
  • Sample visualization with video microscope
  • Polarizers, filters, optical fibers
  • Softwares: Spectroscopy Operating Software and Graphical User Interfaces, preinstalled on a high performance computer

A large choice of options is also available

[1] Royant et al. (2007) J. Appl. Crystallogr. 40, 1105-1112.

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