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  Product reference: PRT002

The Crystallization Bench "Opticrys" (ref.: PRT008)

NatX-ray commercializes a Crystallization Bench for:
  • Crystal optimization
  • Ab inition crystallization
OptiCrys is a new crystal growth apparatus for Optimization of protein Crystallization. It consists in the crystal growth bench that, in addition to accurate temperature control (with a temperature range of 233-353▒0.1K), also allows chemical composition of the crystallization solution (e.g. precipitant concentration, pH, additive) to be varied in an automated manner thanks to a dialysis cell equipped with a flowing reservoir. The current sample volumes are 40 or 90 ÁL per experiment. A pressure-driven flow controller allows to control independently up to 4 channels of a fluidic system. This pressure-driven pumping system is controlled by a dedicated software that allows the user to specify the nature and the concentration of the required crystallization agents, additives and buffers, and therefore to produce the suitable mixtures from the different stock solutions for the reservoir solution of the flow-cell dialysis cell.

OptiCrys enables monitoring and controlling the crystallization processes that allow producing crystals of specific sizes and morphology optimized for different downstream structure determination approaches.

Junius N., Oksanen E., Terrien M., Berzin C., Ferrer J.-L., Budayova-Spano M., A crystallization apparatus for temperaturecontrolled flow-cell dialysis with real-time visualization. J. Appl. Cryst. 49 (2016)

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