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  Product reference: PRT002

The Visualization Bench (ref.: PRT007)

NatX-ray commercializes a Visualization Bench, An automated inverted microscope for:
  • Plate Screening
  • Crystal Listing
This fully motorized inverted miscroscope is designed fo the analysis of micro-plates. Equipped with motorized zoom, front and back LEDs for sample lightening, it is controlled through a user friendly graphical interface.

This new instruments presents two important functions:
  • The Plate Screening function will give the possibility to take images in a row of all or part of the drops in a micro-plate. Fix depth or auto-focus modes are available.

  • The Crystal Listing function, based on a shape recognition image analysis, gives the possibility to save the accurate coordinates (better than 5 Ám) of selected crystals or positions (see picture) into a database.

    These coordinates can be used for:

    • Image screening of selected crystals or positions for crystal growth investigation.

    • In Situ X-ray analysis apparatus such as CATS or G-Rob can go sequentially through the different crystals, in order to collect data on them automatically.
This makes the in situ experiments much faster, with no need anymore for the user to center crystals one by one in the X-ray beam.

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