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Motorized/Manual air slits (ref.: PRT004-xxxx)

NatX-ray commercializes motorized air slits for X-ray beam, with tungsten blades. These slits are driven by stepper motors. They open symmetrically (one motor controls the two symetrical blades). The maximum aperture is 12mm. These slits are designed to fit into experimental environment with limited room available.

A non motorized version of the slits is also available. This version is equipped with micrometric screws.

Motorized air slits

Manual air slits

Today available references are:
  • PRT004-MT.X: single motorized slits (can be used horizontaly or verticaly)
  • PRT004-MT.XY: double (XY) motorized slits
  • PRT004-MN.X: single manual slits (can be used horizontaly or verticaly)
  • PRT004-MN.XY: double (XY) manual slits
  • PRT004-MT.EP: power rack for single or double motorized slits

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