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The fast beam shutter (ref.: PRT002-xx-yy-zz)

NatX-ray commercializes, under ESRF licence agreement, the fast shutter already in operation on beamlines ID14eh3 and ID29 (ESRF). This shutter is characterized by
  • a fast transition time,
  • a high reliability,
  • a large apperture.
Detailed specifications are available here.

Several versions are available as described in the following table:

Housing Atmospheric Pressure Medium Vacuum
up to 10-3 mbar
High Vacuum
up to 10-6 mbar
No Housing PRT002-AP-NH-zz PRT002-MV-NH-zz PRT002-HV-NH-zz
Atmospheric Pressure
PRT002-AP-APH-zz - -
KF DN50 cross PRT002-AP-KF-zz PRT002-MV-KF-zz -
KF DN40 cross PRT002-AP-KFR-zz PRT002-MV-KFR-zz -
CF DN50 cross - PRT002-MV-CF-zz PRT002-HV-CF-zz
CF DN40 cross - PRT002-MV-CFR-zz PRT002-HV-CFR-zz

Please contact us for a higher vacuum or for a special housing.

Each version is available with different cable lengths between the controleur crate and the shutter:
  • 1 m (zz = 01)
  • 2 m (zz = 02)
  • 5 m (zz = 05)
  • 10 m (zz = 10)
  • 15 m (zz = 15)
  • 20 m (zz = 20)
As an exemple, the shutter to be installed on FIP-BM30A beamline at the ESRF is a 10-6 mbar vacuum compatible model, delivered with no vessel and a 10 m cable (ref.: PRT002-HV.NH.10).

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