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Benchtop equipments

PRT012 product line

Binocular microscope for macromolecular crystallography

A benchtop microscope for crystallization plates screening and crystal harvesting.

PRT012 product line

UV bright source for macromolecular crystallography

A UV light for viewing of crystals in crystallization plates.

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PRT014 product line

UV bench

A benchtop microscope for crystallization plates screening.

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PRT007 product line

The Visualization Bench

Automated systems for Crystallization Plates Screening and Crystal Listing.

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PRT011 product line

The Harvesting Station

An automated system for Crystallization Plates Screening and Crystal Harvesting.

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PRT009 product line


A Micro-Spectrophotometer for Crystals, derived from the Cryobench developped by IBS and ESRF.

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PRT008 product line


A crystallization bench for crystal optimization and more.

X-ray equipments equipments

PRT002 product line

Fast beam shutter

NatX-ray commercializes, under ESRF licence agreement, the fast shutter already in operation on beamlines ID14eh3 and ID29 (ESRF). This shutter is characterized by a fast transition time, a high reliability, and a large apperture. Several versions are available: Atmospheric Pressure, Medium Vacuum up to 10-3 mbar and High Vacuum up to 10-6 mbar.

More details are available here.
See also our flyer here.
PRT004 product line

Motorized/Manual air slits

NatX-ray commercializes motorized air slits for X-ray beam, designed to fit into experimental environment with limited room available.

A non motorized version of the slits is also available. This version is equipped with micrometric screws.
PRT006 product line

Pin diode monitor

This diode monitor measure the intensity of a lab X-ray source, to facilitate its tuning (reference in preparation, more details soon).
PRT001 product line

Crystallization tray hotel

In this hotel, up to ten crystallization plates can be stored at room temperature, ready to be screened with G-Rob 2D.
PRT005 product line

Cryocooling automated translation

The present device is an autonomous double translation system that can be mounted between the Cryostream 700 coldhead and the support stand from Oxford Cryosystems (versions for other cryo canes are also available). Also compatible with other cryo-canes. It includes: a short translation (3-9 mm), for easier mounting of frozen samples, and a long translation (200 mm), for samples at room temperature.
The cryo-cooling translation system is part of the G-Rob system. However this special version was designed so that it can be used independently, thanks to an autonomous control (manual switches). However, it will be possible to connect it to a G-Rob system, if such a system is installed in the future.
PRT101 product line

Cryo cane

We also propose the Cryostream 800, from Oxford Cryosystems. It includes:
  • the cryohead 800, pump, dryer unit,
  • the "Varibeam" stand (optional)
  • a 60L Dewar (optionnel),
  • the automated refill system (optional).
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