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MicroMounts™ consist of a thin microfabricated polyimide film attached to a solid non-magnetic 0.025" (0.64 mm) stainless steel rod.


Used in Kapton® tape, which is employed for X-ray transparent windows on X-ray beam lines. Has low atomic number (Z) constituents and low density, and produces less background scatter than e.g., nylon. Optically transparent with an orange-gold hue.

Film Curvature:
Obtained by wrapping polyimide film around the steel rod. Provides excellent stiffness even with very thin (7.5 micrometer) films, and a convenient, scoop-like action in retrieving and handling samples.

Film Pattern

Sample aperture (A) sizes from 10 to 600 micrometers, with minimal polyimide width (B) around the aperture to minimize background scatter in all orientations.

Wicking hole (C) connected via drainage channel (D) to the sample aperture. Hole size is compatible with size 15 or XF paper wicks. "Fountain-pen"-like design allows easier removal of excess liquid - without ever touching the sample with the wick.

Alignment cross (E) located a fixed distance from the center of the sample aperture. Allows easy automated alignment of the sample aperture (A).

Sample aperture size code (F) around the alignment cross. Allows automated recognition of mount design and of aperture and sample size, which determines boundaries of aperture (to be avoided), required alignment tolerance, and area of sample available to be scanned for optimum diffraction. Initial beam size can then be automatically selected. Aperture size (G) in μm can be read directly off the mount. Orientation mark (H) allows the front and back of the mount to be automatically distinguished.


Solid 316 non-magnetic stainless steel rods. Diameter of 0.025" (0.64 mm) is compatible with all standard goniometer bases / caps, and can be inserted and held in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils. Rods will not be pulled out or trapped by magnets in tools or in automounting hardware. Available SPINE lengths.

Unlike competing mounts in hollow rods, our solid rods will not suck up samples and liquid.

Beveled at film end. Allows good visibility of the sample for a wider range of rod orientations during sample retrieval than unbeveled rods.

Can be cut using spring-steel-compatible pliers/cutters to any desired length. Can be easily bent to place sample in desired orientation. Fit all standard bases.

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