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MicroRT™ Aligner (product ref.: CSM004-RTA-1)

Now using Mitegen's patented MicroRT system is even easier. Our new MicroRT Aligner makes sliding the capillary tubing past your crystal and onto our goniometer bases a breeze. No need to use a microscope or magnifier and no worries about shaky hands causing you to bump your crystal.

Inject your MicroRT capillary with your mother liquor or other humidity stabilizing solution, and place it on the left side of the aligner. Harvest your crystal using a MicroMount (or any of our other mounts) inserted into one of our goniometer bases. Attach the base to a standard magnetic wand.

As shown in the video below, place your crystal and wand in the right side of the aligner. Then simply slide the MicroRT capillary down the precisely designed channel and onto the goniometer base.

The MicroRT Aligner makes our MicroRT System a complete solution for high-throughput room-temperature diffraction screening.

Requires magnetic wands with roughly 6 mm shaft diameters (e.g., as sold by Hampton Research.)

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