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NVH Oil (product ref.: CSM004-NCHO-1)

This very high viscosity oil is suitable for room and variable-temperature diffraction measurements. Crystal motion during data collection is minimized, even when thick layers are used to prevent dehydration.

This oil is very effective in removing external solvent to prevent ice ring formation during cooling. Move your crystal back and forth in the oil, transfer to fresh oil, and repeat until you no longer see solvent trails and the crystal becomes nearly invisible.

Many protein crystals prepared in this way can be slowly cooled to T=100 K without appreciable degradation of diffraction properties, allowing data collection at arbitrary temperatures. Unlike Paratone-N oil, this oil does not form diffraction rings when cooled. 4 fl. oz. bottle.

A note on using oils: After crystals have been transfered to oil they may seem to disappear, suggesting that they have dissolved. But don't worry: your crystal is still intact. The refractive index of oil (n=1.5) is very close to that of protein crystals, and much closer than that of water (n=1.3). Once the oil has displaced all the water from the crystal's surface, the interface between the oil and crystal surface will reflect very little light, making the crystal hard to see. Just adjust your illumination and look carefully.

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