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Mitegen Labs (product ref.: CSM-004-ML-xxx)

Feeling adventurous? Still searching for a solution to a difficult problem?

Try some of the many new products under development at Mitegen. These prototypes are still undergoing testing and evaluation, and quantities are limited. If for any reason you're not happy with these products, tell us why and we'll credit you the full amount toward your next purchase. We want your feedback.

MicroBrooms™ Use these to gently sweep crystals to where you want them, with minimial risk of crystal damage. Broom fingers are 200 or 400 μm long and 25 or 40 μm wide. Each box contains 12 tools, 3 of each design. Hold them in a standard 0.7 mm mechanical pencil.

MicroPlow™ Press the tip of this tool flat against a substrate, and then slide forward to gently dislodge and then guide your crystals to where you want them. Each box contains 10 tools. Hold them in a standard 0.7 mm mechanical pencil.

Assorted MicroApertures™

Tools with multiple apertures of different sizes and shapes.

Multiple Aperture MicroLoops™

MicroLoops with two or three apertures on the same tool. Mount two samles at once. During, e.g., overnight data collection on your home source, program your diffractometer to move the second sample into the X-ray beam after you've finished collecting data on the first sample.

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