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MicroGrippers™ (product ref.: CSM004-M7-xxx)

MicroGripper™ provide a new approach to retrieving and mounting samples. They can be used in two different ways. Slide the tip under your sample, and the long thin flexible fingers provide the most delicate support possible. They are ideal for thin plates and other very fragile samples.

Alternatively, push the tip down onto a chunky sample, and the fingers will delicately grip it without damaging it (yes, even for protein and virus crystals), holding it firmly in place. This positive gripping action is unique: all other mounting tools rely on liquid surface tension and adhesion forces to hold a sample in place. Microgrippers allow dry samples to be mounted without the use of adhesives.

Microgrippers are ideal for X-ray data collection at and near room temperature. They eliminate the slipping during data collection that occurs when crystals are mounted in X-ray capillaries, and eliminate the need to encase the sample in viscous oils to limit this slipping.

Use MicroGrippers with our MicroRT capillaries and goniometer bases for easy and foolproof room-temperature X-ray data collection. Mount and ship your room temperature samples to the synchrotron for examination with little risk of sample loss.

The polymer tips are attached to beveled non-magnetic 0.025" (0.64 mm) diameter stainless steel rods. Compatible with all standard X-ray hardware, and can be inserted in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils or micromanipulators for easy handling.


MicroGrippers are currently available with 50, 100, 200 and 300 μm apertures. Please contact us if you would like custom sizes or designs.

  • The only mount with a positive grip action for capturing and immobilizing your sample.
  • Flexible fingers provide delicate support and gripping for fragile samples.
  • Rigid yet thin construction. Minimal bending in viscous solutions and in cold gas streams.
  • Excellent tip visibility at large inclination angles (important when retrieving samples from small wells) due to beveling of the supporting rod. Rods can be cut using cutters or bent using pliers.
  • Low background X-ray scatter.
  • Accurate and reproducible sample positioning.

Ordering MicroGrippers™

Each box contains 20 MicroGrippers™ attached to stainless steel rods (also called "pins").

MicroGrippers™ have aperture sizes of 50, 100, 200 and 300 μm.

These are available in single size boxes and in an assortment (A1).

We recommend initially ordering our assortment (A1), so that you can match the mount aperture to the size of your sample. If certain sizes turn out to be more common than others, you can then order full boxes of those sizes.

MicroGrippers™ are precision attached to beveled, solid, nonmagnetic stainless steel rods with standard length of 18 mm / SPINE. If necessary they can be cut to a desired length using spring steel compatible cutters. Rods can be easily bent using needlenose pliers to place the crystal in a desired orientation.

We recommend ordering our 18 mm / SPINE length rods, which are now standard at nearly all synchrotron beam lines in the world; most also accept the 19 mm length, but all other lengths are rapidly becoming obsolete. If you like copper-post style caps/goniometer bases and have been using 10 or 11 mm rods with them, consider our B3S copper post base, which accepts SPINE length rods.

MicroGrippers are single-use mounts when used to grip a sample.

Excess liquid can be removed using liquid wicks.

MicroGrippers can be cleaned ultrasonically or using liquid wicks.

We recommend using our heavy-duty tweezers for handling MicroGrippers.

The order code is CSM004-M7-L18SP-yy where "yy" is the aperture size code.


CSM004-M7-L18SP-A1 for 18 mm / SPINE rod length, A1 aperture assortment (50, 100, 200 and 300 μm)

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