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Magnetic CryoVials (product ref.: CSM004-CV-xxx)

CryoVials help keep your sample cold during transfer from a dewar to a cold gas stream. They also provide protection against sample damage or loss due to sloshing of liquid nitrogen within a storage dewar.

Mitegen's magnetic CryoVials are designed to meet the Europe's SPINE standard and are compatible with all earlier cryovial designs used in North America and Asia.

They have a ring magnet at the open end to attach to a goniometer base (cap), and a magnetic steel ballast at the sealed end to attach to SPINE automounters. They are compatible with all of Mitegen's goniometer bases, all other commercial goniometer bases (not just SPINE bases), with all cryovial handling tools, and with all automounters that require vials.

Mitegen's vials are designed specifically for protein crystallography. The translucent polymer used in our vials has excellent dimensional stability at temperatures between T=300 K and 77 K, which is important for reliable handling.

The ring magnet in our vials has been carefully chosen so that the vial attaches strongly to commercial goniometer bases, but not so strongly that the base releases from the vial before the vial releases from automounter magnets. These two design features resolve issues with existing commercial vials.


  • Precise dimensions and excellent dimensional stability on cooling for reliable automated handling.
  • Magnet strength assures reliable base capture and release .
  • Compatible with all goniometer bases (caps), cryovial handlng tools and all automounters that require cryovials.
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