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G-Rob systems

The G-Rob series are automated, robot-based systems for crystallography. The first G-Rob system is in operation on beamline FIP-BM30A at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) since 2006, where it was developed. G-Rob can be installed on a synchrotron beamline, neutron sources as well as in a lab. Complete setup, including detector and X-ray source (for labs), can be integrated and installed on site. This modular family of robotic systems includes many functionalities, described in the table below.

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G-Rob Sample Changer An automated sample changer, for frozen samples, capillaries, etc... For the tranfert of the sample from the sample storage to the goniometer.
G-Rob equipment positioning An automated robotized system for stable positioning of equipments, such as detectors or beam monitors, etc., in the experimental environment.
G-Rob 1D A single axis robotized goniometer capability, for frozen samples and capillaries. No need for an extra goniometer.
G-Rob 1DT Frozen sample changer capability for G-Rob 1D goniometer, including an automated storage Dewar.
G-Rob 2D For direct screening of crystallization plates in a X-Ray beam (in situ screening).
G-Rob Monitor A monitor robot tool for imaging and measuring the X-ray beam.
G-Rob Listing Crystal Listing for automated in situ data collection
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