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G-Rob system for the EPFL

An "in house" system for protein crystallography

The G-Rob system delivered to the EPFL is a fully automated system that includes:
  • a Rigaku MicroMax-007HF rotating anode
  • a Photonic Science 165mm CCD detector
  • a Oxford Cryosystem 700 Series Cryostream Plus
  • the G-Rob 1D "goniometer" function
  • the G-Rob 2D "plate screening" function
  • the G-Rob 1DT "frozen samples changer" function
  • the G-Rob "beam monitor" function

Tests accomplished with frozen samples

Before delivery, numerous dataset were collected on frozen samples by crystallographers invited to evaluate the system.

E. coli ADC lyase

180 deg (0.5 deg per frame) dataset were collected on a E. coli ADC lyase crystal (left image, below). Good diffraction was observed up to 2.3 A, with only 2 mn exposure time (right image, below).

Integration revealed good statistics, with 16.7% Rsym and 8.6 I/sigma in the last resolution shell (2.45-2.3 A). The resulting 2fo-fc is displayed below (courtesy of D. Cobessi, IBS).

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