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G-Rob Sample Changer

G-Rob "Sample Changer" consists in a robot-based system that transfers sample from a storage to a goniometer. In order to do that, G-Rob is made of: (i) an automated Dewar (alternativery a sample rack for samples at room temperature) for sample storage; (ii) a 6-axis robotic arm (Stäubli); (iii) a prehension tool: dual gripper for unmounting/mounting operation in the same operation.

G-Rob "Sample Changer" cycle time is as low as 20 sec! It can operate with a large choice of sample holders standards, including SPINE, Unipuck, Etc...

The G-Rob Sample Changer system can be provided with a large number of accessories, such as:

  • dot matrix/bar code reader
  • a Dewar for storing samples (up to 24 pucks)
  • mini-tools for sample washing, annealing, ...

The "sample changer" capability is also available as an upgrade for already installed G-Rob systems.

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