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G-Rob 2D

G-Rob 2D is derivated from CATS (Cryogenic Automated Transfer System, see movie).

G-Rob 2D consists in a robot-based system that positions the crystallization plates directly in the beam for screening. This crystallization screening technique is the best way to get relevant information on your crystals, such as space group, cell parameters, mosaicity in a very short time. There is no need for crystal fishing and cryo-protection. Standard or optimized crystallization plates can be used, as well as micro-chips. (see Jacquamet et al., Structure 12 (July 2004), 1219-1225).

The G-Rob 2D system can be provided with a large number of accessories, such as:

  • dot matrix/bar code reader
  • room temperature hotel for crystallization plates
  • automated controlled-temperature incubator for crystallization plates
see the catalogue for details.

The "2D" capability is also available as an upgrade for already installed G-Rob 1D systems.

A G-Rob 2D system is fully operational on beamline FIP-BM30A at the ESRF (Grenoble), and can be used by external users upon request.

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