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Our goal

NatX-ray is dedicated to helping speed up and improve sample analysis. Our goal is to provide researchers and industrials with the latest high throughput, highly automated techniques with the equipments that implement them, as well as the related consumables.

Our activity

NatX-ray design and builds in its premises automated integrated robot-based systems for sample analysis with X-ray, neutron or electron beams with functionnalities that range from sample transfert, sample positioning in the beam for analysis, detector postioning, etc... (G-Rob 1D/1DT/2D/...), as well as equipments for beam conditioning and sample environment (see here).

NatX-ray also provides bench-top equipments such as microscopes, microspectrometer, etc., and all the related consumables you need.

Our partners

NatX-ray project originated in the high technological developments realized by an IBS team from the CEA and the CNRS in charge of the FIP beamline at the ESRF.

The CrystalQuick™ X in situ crystallization plate is a co-development between CEA, CNRS and Greiner Bio-One.
NatX-ray also distributes the MiTeGen, Jena Bioscience, Torrey Pines Scientific, Taylor-Wharton and the Crystal Positioning System products worldwide.

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Tools and Accessories for cryo EM samples storage and handling


NatX-ray is proud to announce to its customers from the People's Republic of China that they can buy NatX-ray products and systems through NatX-ray's exclusive distributor Dalian LIND Import Export Corp. Ltd..

NatX-ray is also proud to announce to its customers from India that they can buy all NatX-ray products and systems through NatX-ray's distributor MAHBROS Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.

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